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The system is used for all internal and external walls and selectively for such areas as lift shafts, stairwell and party walls.

Diagram showing cut-away of a
Ritek Wall System Panel

Ritek Wall System - Design

Ritek Building Solutions are the first to patent and use this system.  Through our Research & Development Team, Ritek make it their mission to be at the forefront of manufacturing innovative products. 

When comparing other wall systems, make sure you are using the latest technology and not a poor replica that promises to deliver the same quality system as a Ritek wall product. 



Site Safety  


Panels can be handled easily and plastic spacers provide safe areas for manual lifting – no sharp metal edges.

Speed of installation  


There is a track system with panel to panel connections, as well as a wide range of accessories for window and door openings.

Structural Performance  


The structural elements can be engineered to meet the structure’s requirements and allow easy inspection of steel prior to pour.

Prior to Pour  


Panels are stood and securely braced. The internal area of the walls allow for free flow of concrete, providing better structural, acoustic and fire ratings.

Cross Section  


The image shows a section through a panel which shows that the concrete has compacted and bonded around the steel reinforcing.


Ritek Wall System - Sapphire

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